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Carin Koch, LPGA

WGC Staff Pro


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Koch is it! "Swedish star Carin Koch on beauty, style, her role as a pro-golfer -- and her days as an ABBA-obsessed makeover artist..."


Photography by Alan Cresto


If the LPGA is looking for a new "it" girl, here she is. Carin Koch has brains and beauty to spare, and she can flat-out play. The first woman tour pro ever sponsored by Polo Ralph Lauren, Koch has a yen for fashion that goes beyond the fairway. Shown here as you've never seen her (and not as Playboy might have envisioned), the Swedish star shares her thoughts on beauty, style and her role as a pro golfer.


If I hadn't become a tour pro, I would have loved to be a hairstylist or makeup artist. Many of my pals on tour have been victims of my makeovers -- I like to bring out that extra something in people. This hobby of mine is nothing new. Every day after school in Sweden in the late '70s, early '80s, my friends and I would dress up and play Abba. I was always Agneta (the blonde singer married to Bjorn, the guitarist). I knew every word of every song without having a clue what they meant, since they were in English. The clothes were outrageous -- I loved every minute of it!


Obviously, I didn't end up a rock star, but I think we tour players are just as much entertainers as we are athletes. We don't get dolled-up very often -- most nights are spent eating takeout in our hotel rooms -- but the rare moments we do are so much fun! I love to watch events like the Academy Awards and dream about what it would be like to be that glamorous. All those beautiful dresses... It's nice to fantasize your way out of the everyday grind now and then. My personal style varies -- tight jeans on some days, long skirts on others, basic black or bright colors. It depends on my mood. I think Jennifer Aniston has a great look. She's a trendsetter, especially with hair. And I've always admired Queen Silvia of Sweden -- she's very popular, and she has tremendous style. When I think of what makes a woman attractive, charisma comes to mind first. A confident smile goes a long way. And a well-dressed woman always catches my eye, I guess because of my interest in fashion. I don't think of myself as beautiful in general, but I did on my wedding day seven years ago, when I got to put on a pretty dress and be a princess for a day. It was amazing. I wish there could be more days like that in life.


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