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  WebGolfClub's Book Recommendation

Depending who you ask, shots under 100 yards make up 60-70% of all the shots taken during a round of golf. Even the most skilled golfers can find themselves struggling with the all-important short game. There is no better instructor in this area than Dave Pelz. His 5 books are a sure way to lower your scores.



WebGolfClub's Book Recommendation...


Dave Pelz's Series:


Golf w/o Fear


Putting Bible


Damage Control


Golf Without Fear


Putt Like the Pros


A former research scientist at NASA, Dave Pelz founded the Pelz Golf Institute and the Dave Pelz Scoring Game Golf Schools





Top 50 Golf Books


Fearless Golf: Conquering the Mental... BEN HOGAN'S FIVE LESSONS: The Modern... The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger...




Here's a few book selections that you may enjoy. We published the 50 best selling golf books on If you have any questions or would like specific recommendations, CONTACT one of our PGA Professionals. We will be able to recommend a book that will fit your exact needs.


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