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WebGolfClub was launched on July 6th, 2001 with the intent of becoming the ultimate Global Golf Community. There are many golf sites and organizations, but what sets us apart is our personal attention. 


The idea behind WebGolfClub is to create the intimate environment of a small private country club on a global level. This can only be done by taking the “corporation” out of the equation and treating each member of WebGolfClub as a part of a family.


A large portion of our members are PGA Professionals, so we offer a good platform to unite the professional golfers with the average amateur. Please feel free to Contact Us at any time with further questions.


 » What Sets Us Apart


GolfConnect: Our NEWEST Member Database (GolfConnect) which is being Launched August 17th, 2014 is the brainchild of WebGolfClub. Our first intention was to be a “matchmaker” for golfers who didn’t have a regular game or those who travel and wanted to play golf in regions unfamiliar to them. This database provides so much more. It provides a medium for members to communicate whether they live in the same city or across the world.


Not driven by a “Bottom Line”: The quickest way to become impersonal is to put the “bottom line” ahead of your members and guests. The concept of WebGolfClub was derived from the love of golf and wanting to reach people all over the world. Revenue streams are NEVER involved in our decision making. Our philosophy is to take care of our members and guests and the revenue will take care of itself.


Looking out for our member's best interest: Our members always come first and can’t be bought.  Most companies sell email addresses to third parties or get "kickbacks" by pushing certain products or services.  It has even been suggested to us by consulting firms to follow this method, but that’s not how we do business.  We protect our members and will not sell a product that we don’t believe in.  We will miss out on revenue here and there by doing so, but this philosophy will guarantee the success of WebGolfClub Club in the future.


Inviting Participation: Most club organizations bank on the fact that you will not participate.  Heath clubs have taken this method to a whole new level. After collecting a membership fee, they are happy not to ever see you again. If their members don’t use the facility, they have less expenses and can sell more memberships, thus generating more revenue. This method is great to generate a quick bottom line, but they don’t understand “membership retention”. Take care of your members, then you don't have to chase down new ones.  Here at WebGolfClub, we welcome and advocate your participation. Our goal is to have every golfer in the world visit our site everyday.


Committees: The success of WebGolfClub is dependent upon it’s members, therefore needs to offer products and services that our members want. To do so, we setup committees that are run by our members. This gives our members a say in the direction that we take.


PGA Members: Not only do we have a community of amateur golfers, but also PGA Members from around the world. We have hundreds of PGA Members representing over ten countries.  There are so many PGA organizations (i.e., PGA of America, PGA of Sweden, Canadian PGA, etc.) and no current method of linking them together. We provide a medium for PGA Members from around the world to communicate and share ideas. This also provides the ultimate support for our members. Our PGA Members write articles and golf tips for our amateur members and also are located in our database, so that you may find one located near you.


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Herlong Golf Group is a division of Herlong Corporation based out of Boca Raton Florida. It's Headquarters is located at 433 Plaza Real, Suite 275, Boca Raton FL 33432. The businesses that are operated by HGG include GolfBones, HockeyBones, WebGolfClub, and the Commercial division of Mizner Estate Properties. For more information, Contact Us. is Recognized by the

PGA of America



 John Herlong, PGA

(Director of Golf Media)





Staff Professionals since 2000:


Carin Koch, LPGA

Golf Pro Staff Director


Greg Ellis, PGA

Southwest, USA


Scott Thompson, PGA

Midwest, USA


Karl Eriksson, SPGA



David Chew, JPGA




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