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Claude Brousseau
Teaching Professional/Dana Rader Golf School


University du Quebec a Montreal, MBA





Increase your pace of play!

by Claude Brousseau, MBA

Teaching Professional, Dana Rader Golf School


There are different reasons why people play golf. Some players want to socialize, some want to be in contact with the nature and other love the challenge and the competition.

The one subject that everyone agrees on is the importance of good etiquette on the golf course.


One of the biggest issues is the pace of play of our group, the one in front or behind yours. This paper will give you some food for thoughts. In the interest of all, players should play without delay. How can we make this nice conceptual idea in reality?


First, you should be ready to play when it is your turn to do so. You will have walk to your ball, calculate the distance, select the club (bring more than one club with you) and make your practice swing. All those activities can be executed while your partners are playing. You don’t have to wait until your partners complete their shots to walk to your ball and start the process of playing the shot.


If you are a beginner, it is “etiquettly correct” to pick up your ball after you hit 3 shots and you are still more than 100 yards to the middle of the green. You can place the ball on the green and execute your putt. You will play all aspects of the game and don’t slow the pace of play.


Every level of player can use this to speed up. After you finish your shot, keep the clubs in your hands and get in the golf car. Drive to the next shot and place the club in the bag at the same time you are selecting the club you need for the present shot. Repeat the same pattern walking of the green. You will have plenty time at the next tee box to get ready.


My last advice will be, if you are not able to keep the pace. Please let the faster players play through.


Please keep having fun playing this great game of golf!!!



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